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Lifelines & Anchor Installations

Fall Protection

The Fall Protection System is a combination of a few elements that work together to ensure safety when working at heights, much like the links in a chain. Your aim can be to either prevent the worker from reaching an unsafe edge where there is a potential of a fall, or you need to safely secure the worker in a fall arrest scenario. Whichever the option, you will need a few elements to complete the system starting with a suitable anchor point or lifeline.


We provide solutions designed and approved by a professional engineer and conforms to the manufacturing requirements of SANS 50795. The Lifeline solution we can offer is very versatile and can be made to specification as per the client’s needs, whether you need a horizontal or a vertical solution. With each lifeline we offer a guided type fall arrest device that can run along the lifeline, connected to the full body harness. All lifelines components are only made of the best quality stainless steel.

Anchor Points

Our Anchor device is an engineered solution, made from 6mm thick stainless steel, anchored to concrete building structures via stainless steel chemically bonded anchors. These units are designed to safely withstand normal working loads and are tested to 6,0kN as specified in SANS 50795. Individual anchor devices are tagged to indicate direction of applied force, test date and manufacturer contact details.
Safety Harness Absorbing Lanyard

We offer the following solutions