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Mission of the Company

The mission of Group 583 (Pty) Ltd is the development and delivery of an optimum policy of training and education within the Working at Height Industry. It is our objective to provide education to the industry through training, facilitation and practical implementation in order to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude in the trainees towards working safely at height. Our main focus is to conduct realistic worksite or on-site training whereby our facilitators can emphasize the important conscious aspect of safe working at height.
Our aim is to certify competent Technicians, Practitioners and Supervisors that will have the ability to practically implement all subject matters and skilfully execute the practical manoeuvres that was trained, and to continually seek opportunities to upskill and advance within their chosen working at height careers.
Group 583 (Pty) Ltd strives to identify trends and developments within the Working at Height Industry. We translate these into improvements and adjustments to the current training courses and introduces new learner programs, either in LNQ or CPD programs. It stays our continuous improvement aim to develop additional courses in close consultation, guidance and co-operation of the IWH.

About the company

Group 583 (Pty) Ltd is an innovative consultancy that covers a large section of the Working at Height access chambers in South Africa and can provide valuable solutions to any of your vertical access needs.