Group 583 Consulting

Climbing Equipment Inspection Technician

July 17, 2024

Is this programme suitable for my needs ?
The registered Climbing Equipment Inspection Technician is able to take responsibility for the inspection
and management of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Entry Requirements
1. Fall Arrest Technician Certificate
2. Certified Copy of ID

Benefits of this training programme?
The candidate will acquire the following practical skills;
• Correct care and inspection of work at height equipment
• Correct function testing of work at height equipment.
• Correct inspections of hardware equipment.
• Correct inspections of software equipment.
• Equipment control procedures (includes inspection sheets and detailed descriptions of various
Personal Protective Equipment used at height).
• Implement correct purchasing procedures for work at height equipment

Group 583 Gauteng
Unit 3 Heritage Park
68 Jurg Avenue
Hennopspark , Gauteng 0157
South Africa

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